20th TASCA workshop held at GSI and online


Source of the photographic material: C. Düllmann (JGU/GSI/HIM) / G. Otto (GSI)

The traditional annual TASCA Workshop on Recoil Separator for Superheavy Element Chemistry & Physics took place on April 25-27. This year’s workshop marked the 20th edition of the workshop series, which started in 2002.
As in the previous year, it was held as a hybrid event, running over three half-days. About 20 participants, from as far as China, joined in person at GSI, and more than 100 additional ones from 20 countries all over the world participated online.

The workshop fostered intense exchanges and discussions of the newest scientific results, ideas and future plans in the field of superheavy element research. It also included a special theoretical session on the nuclear fission process in heavy elements. The program further comprised presentations from other heavy ion accelerator facilitates including JYFL Jyväskylä (Finland), JAEA Tokai (Japan), IMP Lanzhou (China), RIKEN Wako-shi (Japan), LBNL Berkeley (USA), ANL Argonne (USA), GANIL Caen (France), and covered the most important topics of superheavy element research: production of heavy nuclei in complete fusion and multi-nucleon transfer reactions, nuclear spectroscopy, atomic physics studies as well as experimental and theoretical chemical studies. The highlight results were complemented with contributions on new technical developments, e.g., on a superconducting continuous wave linear accelerator at IMP Lanzhou, on the HElmholtz LInear ACcelerator (HELIAC, a joint project of GSI, HIM/Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and Goethe University Frankfurt), the gas-filled separators SHANS2 at IMP and AGGIE at Texas A&M University (USA) and new detection systems at RIKEN, IMP, LBNL, GANIL, PSI Villigen (Switzerland) and GSI.

Also the opportunity to again have a joint dinner was welcomed by the in-person participants.

Some of the participants who attended the workshop "in person" at the dinner.
In the foreground from left to right: C. Düllmann (JGU / GSI / HIM ), M. Schädel (GSI), D. Ackermann (GANIL), J. Uusitalo (JYFL Jyväskylä), J.
Khuyagbaatar (GSI).
In the background from left to right: A. Yakushev (GSI), Z. Gan (IMP Lanzhou), Qin Zhi (IMP Lanzhou), J. Wei (JGU), K.-H. Schmidt, M. Miski-Oglu (GSI), P. Mosat (GSI).
Photo/©: private

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